What is it like in a therapy session?

Therapy will involve preparation before addressing the tough stuff, and everyone is different with how long they need. First you'll dip your toe in the lake, then we'll make sure you're ready with floaties before you decide to jump in!

Preparation can include SSP music for all or part of the session, or exploring other life factors to ensure you have practiced feeling stable, supported, and calm, before we move forward. This might include guided meditation, imaginative parts work, drawing, and creating a coping toolbox with grounding techniques such a breath work and homework.

When all of you is ready and willing, your therapist will guide you to process lingering unhelpful thoughts, feelings, or body sensations related to a past, present, or future events. This is often done with EMDR but at times parts work, the coping toolbox, or just talking can help someone move through their feelings and heal.