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Clinical Consultation

As an EMDRIA approved Consultant, Registered Social Worker, and experienced Psychotherapist, I offer clinical consultation in individual or group sessions with a Polyvagal, ego state, and EMDR focus. 

I was fully trained in EMDR by Roy Kiessling of EMDR Consulting, and have undertaken additional EMDR-related trainings from Dr. Roger Solomon, Dr. Ignacio Jarero, Kathy Steele, César Valdez, and Ana Gomez, and I participate in regular clinical consultation with Robin Shapiro. I have a private practice in Ottawa, Ontario, and currently work with civilian and military adults, with previous clinical experience working with children and adolescents.

I refer to my services as Consultation and not Supervision, as it is expected that consultees remain professionally liable for their own clients. Consultation with me may include discussion of specific cases, treatment planning, and general therapy practices. Session dates and times will be confirmed in blocks and every attempt will be made to keep sessions on a regular schedule. Fees are $110 (HST included) per dyad group hour, and $220 (HST included) per individual hour.

Seeking a training or workshop? Send me a message to make a request.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Clincial Consultation: About Me
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